Monyog 2.7 Has Been Released

by Sep 2, 2008

* CPU optimisations in both MONyog (server) process (in particular when 'Monitors/Advisors' page was being viewed) and browser processes (viewing Dashboard could cause high CPU usage in Firefox browser in particular).

Bug fix:
* Fixed a dependency with the SSH library that could cause failure to install in Win2K. This was an issue with the updated SSH library introduced with version 2.5.

* The RPM installer scripts for Linux were updated in various ways. This solves issues on specific distributions including: 1) uninstall with the SuSE/YaST 'software management' GUI was not possisble. 2) It was not always possible to install on top of a running MONyog service – sometimes it was necessary to stop service manually before upgrading. Also note: when updating from trial to single/multi server or from single server to multi server it is still necessary to uninstall the old version first. And when installing this version (applies only when using the RPM build) any older version will have to be removed with the "rpm -e .." (rpm -e MONyog-trial/rpm -e MONyog-single/rpm -e MONyog-multi) command in advance (distribution-specific GUI tools may not work with versions before this one, so please use the RPM console command). We apologize for this but there is no other way.