Monyog 3.1 Has Been Released

by Jun 19, 2009

Changes (as compared to 3.09) include:

* The same binary/installer is now used for any license model (whether TRIAL or whatever number of servers).  A license key defines and controls how many servers can be registered. You may retrieve your license key from our Customer Portal. Before installation please ensure that you have registration details available and also soon after installation has completed please connect to MONyog from your browser and enter registration details.  This change of packaging concept simplifies the release cycle for us,  as there are now much fewer installers that will need to be built and tested.
* Also now all distributed builds will run as a  TRIAL will run for a month (not till  a fixed date)  and in the TRIAL period an unlimited number of servers can be registered.
* Unfortunately and as a consequence of the changed packaging concept it is not possible to install a 3.1 RPM build on top of a previous version as the file name format (ie. version substring) will need to change to be functional by RPM installers ('rpm' console command and various distribution-specific commands and GUI tools).  Previous RPM versions installed must be uninstalled this time before installing 3.1 (but note that previously collected data will still be preserved and available after this). For Windows .exe and Linux .tar.gz builds there is no such issue.

* Added option to purge all stored sniffer data.  Also sniffer default settings were changed.  Quite a lot of evaluating users experienced an empty report due to previous default settings.
* Added support for MySQL Proxy version 0.7.1. A new MONyog.lua script is shipped with this build. The old script must be replaced with this one if you  use the proxy-based sniffer option.  This new script also works with MySQL Proxy 0.61.
* Filtering options were re-arranged in Query Analyzer  as per user requests.
* Lots of GUI fixes, clarifications, usability improvements etc.

Bug fixes:
* On RedHat type Linux 'service MONyogd start' command  would sometimes not start MONyog in first attempt if MONyog process  had been killed or had crashed.
* The mail header of MONyog mail alerts did not handle unicode. Now utf8 encoding is used everywhere.

Miscellaneous (just repeating!):
* Do not forget to replace the MONyog.lua script if you use the Query Analyzer with proxy-based sniffing!
* RPM users must uninstall previous versions before installing this  one!