Monyog MySQL Monitor 3.6 beta 2 Has Been released

by Nov 25, 2009

Changes (as compared to first 3.6 beta) include:

* Grouping of servers: one or more 'tags' can now be specified for a server. In 'register servers' page the list of servers are grouped as per tags. As more tags may be specified for a server, it may appear in more groups. A group established this way can be selected in one operation.
* Added an option to send alert if server was restarted between two data retrievals. With managed hosting the MySQL server may be restarted automatically as part of routine maintenance or after a server crash. Knowing when this has occurred can be useful.
* Process-list based sniffer now has an option to notify about and kill long running queries.
* New and updated counters/advisors.
* Added automatic and manual update check.

Bug Fixes:
* With specific settings Dashboard graphs could hide other displayed dialogs.
* Notification mails now have information  about the value that triggered the alert.
* In log analysis a divisor '1024' was used for calculation of 'kilo rows'. Now the divisor '1000' is used.
* Exporting charts as graphics did not use a consistent naming convention. Now files will be named 'MONyog_chart_ConnectionName_Chart_Title.file_extension'.
* GUI improvements, improved error messages etc.
* For slave servers process-list options to "Kill", "Copy", "View Query" and "Explain" were not always accessible.

* Added a warning in Disk Info page that the calculation may be expensive. In particular with databases with thousands of objects the calculations may cause unacceptable load.