MONyog MySQL Monitor 3.8 Has Been Released

by Aug 11, 2010

Important note: Please note that if you have installed a MONyog 4.0 (beta) release you cannot install this one unless first completely removing the 4.0 installation including the complete MONyog data folder.

Changes (as compared to 3.77) include:

Bug Fixes:
* Monitors/Advisors on InnoDB Deadlocks were truncating the output message and hence in some cases, users were unable to view both queries involved in the deadlock. This has been changed such that the first 2048 characters of both queries are displayed.
* On Windows 7 systems changes to MONyog's .INI file from external programs had no effect upon restart (as Windows reverted the changes). Now throughout MONyog's lifetime the .INI file will be locked so that a user may only edit the file manually when MONyog is not running (but users can use the MONyog interface to change any setting while MONyog is running). Any changes made to the file when MONyog is not running will be reflected by it once it is restarted.
* If MySQL Error Log monitoring was enabled for a particular server, the first two data collections for that server would cause large network traffic to occur if the MySQL error log was very large. This was because the entire log file was read in the first collection. Now only the last 1MB of the file is read.

* All libraries have been upgraded to their latest versions. Although, from a user-perspective, the changes are minimal, this has alleviated several memory leaks and other performance issues.
* This release has been checked in depth with with the best leak-detection tools available for both Linux and Windows.  All discovered leaks have been fixed.
* The cache parameters for the SQLite library have been modified with this release to allow for registering more servers on the same system as before. Before MONyog's memory usage used to grow continually with time as each open SQLite handle has an associated cache which could grow to any size, irrespective of system capacity. The cache size per handle has been reduced and the total SQLite cache size will never exceed 1 GB with this build.