MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.13 beta 1 Has Been Released

by Jan 18, 2011

This release significantly improves MONyog's performance under heavy load and fixes minor bugs.

Bug fixes
*  MONyog could crash while monitoring hundreds of servers through SSH tunneling with a small data collection interval (1 or a few seconds).
*  Charts in the I/O section under Monitors/Advisors or Dashboard displayed wrong history (last 14 seconds had the same values as the value in the 15th second).
* Sometimes, while analyzing the slow query log, some timestamps contained the default Unix timestamp.
* If the name of a counter or caption of dashboard chart contained single quotes, the chart displayed "Invalid XML Data".
* Filtering while displaying the Sniffer output was not working when there was a change in the filter conditions.
* The Linux command 'Service MONyogd status' did not always  display the correct result.
*  The Processlist page in MONyog threw 'constraint failed' error when the process ID was a large number.