Monyog MySQL Monitor 4.5 beta1 Has Been Released

by Mar 24, 2011

Changes (as compared to 4.2 ) include:

* Added an EVENTS overview (available from the 'tools' menu). An EVENT happens when any counter is changing it status to (yellow) WARNING alert level or to (red) CRITICAL alert level.
* An 'alert condition'  (WARNING or CRITICAL) can now be temporarily disabled (and re-enabled) for a specific server from both the new EVENTS overview page as well as the Monitors/Advisors page. This can be disabled for non-admin users.
* Replication slaves can now be automatically registered. MONyog will detect the host/ip. Other connection details can be edited if different from master.
* In the process-list based sniffer there is now an option to alert (using mail and/or SNMP) for long-lasting LOCKs.
* Monitors/advisors groups can now be enabled/disabled on a per server basis. Before this release it was only possible to have same setting for all servers registered in MONyog in this repect.
* Added monitors/advisors for  innodb_force_recovery, log_warnings, log_output, expire_logs_days, max_binlog_size and flush_time variables.
* Query Analyzer can now filter slow logs based on host and user information.

Bug fixes:
* Padding while exporting slow log as CSV was incorrect.
* MONyog could hang while parsing a log file with binary data.
* With MONyog running behind a Load Balancer and similar network management system, user login to MONyog could fail.
* Lots of GUI fixes and small GUI enhancements.