MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.51 Has Been Released

by May 13, 2011

Please note that when upgrading from a version previous to 4.5  to this one, it is required that MONyog detects the replication topology of registered servers before the ‘registered servers’ page can display. This may take a few minutes with a large number of registered servers. Please be patient for as long. Note that this delay will only happen once.

Changes (as compared to 4.5) include:

* This release focuses on improving performance of the MONyog built-in HTTP daemon. You will find up to 10 times performance improvements for most MONyog pages. This has been achieved by internal code optimizations, use of compression (if browser supports) and minification/optimization of HTML, Javascript, CSS and graphics.

Bug fixes:
* Prepared statements were not handled properly by the Query Analyzer.
* Events (as introduced in 4.5) stored in the MONyog embedded database did not purge as specified in  the 'retention timeframe' setting.
* Charts could display decimal numbers with a large number of decimals that made no sense and made charts less readable. We now round to 3 decimals.