MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.61 Has Been Released

by Jul 1, 2011

Changes (as compared to 4.6) include:

Bug fixes:
* MONyog now writes default data into MONyog.ini file on all platforms when MONyog starts for the first time. Before this release MONyog for Linux did not write default data into MONyog.ini file.
* In the Dashboard & Monitors/Advisors page, the Delta & All-time/Current charts were showing some incorrect values when values were plotted per second. This was introduced in MONyog 4.51.
* While connecting using SSH with key based authentication in Windows, the temporary file which contains the SSH private key was not being deleted. Before this release, the temporary files could run out of names which made it impossible to create new temporary files and hence the SSH tunnel was not being created.
* Fixed a crash occurring when there was no data directory path defined in the MONyog.ini file.