MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.2 Has Been Released

by May 9, 2012

* This release requires a new registration code. Neither the 5.1x nor the pre-5.1x key will work with this. Registered customers will get the new code from our Customer Portal. Please have the new code available before installing. Until MONyog is registered with new keys, it will not be collecting data from your servers .

* Added filter for including or excluding specific hosts and(or) users in slow log analysis.
* Added and modified a few Monitors related to Replication, InnoDB and Security. Most of this utilizes metrics exposed by MySQL from version 5.5 .
* Added a preconfigured Custom SQL Object (CSO) for Percona Servers exposing the most written and most read tables.
* There is now session-wide persistence while sorting columns in Query Analyzer.
* Improved error messages in Query Analyzer and Wayback machine.
* Usability enhancements, GUI fixes and internal optimizations.

Bug fixes:
* MONyog was not working while behind Apache configured as a reverse proxy. This bug was introduced in MONyog 5.0.