MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.21 Has Been Released

by Jun 12, 2012

Please note that users upgrading from a version before 5.2 will need a new registration code. Registered customers will get the new code from our Customer Portal. Please have the new code available before installing. Until MONyog is registered with the new key, it will not be collecting data from your servers.

Changes (as compared to 5.2) include.

* The MONyog API was rewritten and enhanced with more options. Options now include calls to enable/disable data collection, sniffer, notifications etc. for servers by either specifying a server name or a server tag. Refer documentation for full details. A side-effect is that users who are already using the API will need to rewrite the HTTP-requests sent. We regret the inconvenience, but we could not avoid changing details of the syntax.

Bug fixes:
* Notification emails were not sent when the number of file descriptors used by MONyog exceeded a certain number. Details depend on the environment where MONyog is running.
* Fixed a bug with the Custom SQL monitor where no data was being displayed in the Monitors page when all the columns retrieved by the Custom SQL were specified as key columns.
* Inproved readability of  SNMP traps.
* UI fixes and enhancements.

* Testing slave connections has been moved to replication monitoring settings. Prior to this release it was in 'MySQL settings' tab making it necessary for users to switch between tabs for testing slave connections.