MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.3 Has Been Released

by Jul 31, 2012

Please note that users upgrading from a version before 5.2 will need a new registration code. Registered customers will get the new code from our Customer Portal. Please have the new code available before installing. Until MONyog is registered with the new key, it will not be collecting data from your servers.

Changes (as compared to 5.21) include.

* Introduced support for ‘native’ MySQL SSL-encryption with direct MySQL connections.
* MONyog now fully supports IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6).
* History-trends have been optimized to retrieve data faster than it was before. With large data sets this results in a speed improvement in the range of a factor ~25 .
* Passwords for MONyog users are no longer stored in clear text. A hash is stored (for admin user in MONyog.ini – for other users in the embedded database). Also MySQL passwords as well as SSH/SSL keys, certificates and passphrases are now stored obfuscated. First time MONyog starts after upgrading from a version using clear text storage it will rewrite passwords etc. to the hashed/obfuscated representation.
* Added a Linux counter “Load Average” as exposed by the Linux kernel in /proc/loadavg.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a memory leak with SSH key based authentication.
* If HTML tags were a part of long running query, the notification email format was getting distorted.
* MySQL connection through SSH tunnel never re-established connection in Sniffer module when the connection failed for the first time.
* Filter settings in the sniffer defined on a (MySQL) user with a SPACE character in its name did not work as expected.
* UI fixes