MONyog MySQL Monitor 5.53 Has Been Released

by Nov 22, 2012

Changes (as compared to 5.52) include:

* Added monitors for monitoring a galera-based cluster. These monitors do not display as default but there is a 'Galera' monitor group that can be unhidden from Tools .. Manage Monitor Groups.

Bug fixes:
* Authentication to SMTP servers could fail with very long passwords. Also authentication with Amazon SES could fail.
* When saving a connection MONyog could apparently 'hang' for a while.
*.With a large number of sample points displayed in Dashboard, loading of the page was slow.  It could take up to around 1 minute in some cases. Now it is a few seconds.
* SSH keys could be 'forgotten' after a MONyog restart.
* Fixed a rare crash when editing server details.
* In the 'Real Time' interface the option to EXPLAIN queries did not display in Internet Explorer 8.
* For non-admin users, the replication tab was displaying all slave servers instead of showing only those servers which the user has access to.
* Internal optimizations, library upgrades etc.