Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.66 Has Been Released

by Nov 28, 2013

Changes (as compared to  Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.65) includes:

* Monyog can now authenticate users using LDAP user groups without the need to add them in Monyog.
* Explain plan for Insert, Update and Delete queries is now available in Monyog's Processlist page for MySQL 5.6+ servers.

Bug fixes:
* The fix for failing alerts for InnoDB deadlocks with MySQL 5.6 servers in 5.65 introduced a new issue where the time for the occurrence of the deadlock reported was wrong.
* When monitoring a Galera cluster and when cluster nodes failed to connect to each others, the error sent by cluster nodes ("unknown command") could cause Monyog to crash.
* When a server was deleted from Monyog in rare cases the corresponding data directory was not removed.

Linux versions of Monyog now include a script that can be used for log rotation of the MONyog.log.