Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.24 Has Been Released

by Feb 4, 2015

Changes (as compared to 6.23) include:

Bug Fixes:
* Monyog was resetting "Monitor long running queries" to NO after editing a server.
* Monyog failed to show servers in the UI after upgrading from a pre-5.57 version.
* "Critical", "Warning" and "Stable" icons were not showing in Events tab when Monyog was running behind a proxy.
* Monyog sometimes logged an SQLite locking protocol error while opening internal database(s). But as this is handled it should not be logged as an error.
Monyog allowed for saving of server registration details when "Long running query time" was specified smaller than "Minimum time taken" in sniffer settings. This makes no sense and will not save now.
Monyog was not considering buffers and cached values from meminfo while calculating RAM usage. The formula for the same is updated now.

Charts are now enabled by default for all monitors which include MySQL status variables. For example: "Seconds behind master" in replication group.