Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.51 Has Been Released

by Dec 11, 2015

Changes (as compared to 6.5) include:


* RDS log monitoring feature can now be configured using the Monyog API.

Bug Fixes:

* The query SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS fails for MySQL version less than 4.1.2. and resulted in a Monyog crash. Even though we don't recommend MySQL 4.1 (and not at all such early beta of it), we should not crash.
* Fixed JavaScript errors for Query Analyzer and Real Time tab in Internet Explorer 8 (WinXP, Win2003).
* With MariaDB 10.1.x Monyog erroneously listed all user accounts as having no password.
* The curl library used could crash, and thus crash Monyog, when resolving too many hostnames at the same time.
* Monyog failed to send 'stable alert' when both "notify till stable" and "notify when stable" options were enabled and if different values were set for the "send notification when alertable" and "remind me after every ..".
* Fixed the height of the Processlist display for each server. Each server's processlist window is now displayed as scrollable window of fixed height. This is a regression fix and a revert of the page design to that of older versions. With recent versions it was necessary to scroll the browser window.


* Upgraded SQLite library to v3.9.1. This results in ~25% performance improvement on most environments.
* Renamed the "Row Access Statistics" counter to "Queries Executed" as it actually uses the 'queries' status variable. The old term confused some users.