Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.52 Has Been Released

by Mar 2, 2016

With the Monyog MySQL monitor 6.52 release, we have introduced numerous features that will take your server monitoring to the next level. Introduction of a new monitor group ‘sys schema’ and an option to choose data collection mode for real time users are amongst the numerous features and fixes in the new release.

Changes (as compared to 6.51) include:


* Added an option to choose data collection mode for Real-Time, Users can now choose between ‘Performance schema’ or ‘Processlist’. Old versions used ‘Processlist’ what we replaced with ‘Performance schema’ recently for servers running with needed P_S instruments enabled.  However due to the aggregation and truncation of queries recorded  in P_S we had several requests that both options should be there.
* Information whether a query is performing a full table scan available in Query Analyzer, Wayback Machine and Real-time. This information will help to identify queries which are not using Indexes. Note: this is available only for Performance Schema mode.
* Added a new monitor group ‘sys schema’. It contains various CSOs (Custom SQL Objects) utilizing the "sys schema" database introduced in MySQL 5.7.7.
* Added an option to either have a fixed length height or dynamic (full screen) height for Processlist in MONyog GUI. We have been using each in earlier versions, but it seems impossible to make everyone happy with a single solution. Now user can choose what display/design that fits him best.

Bug Fixes:

* The Monyog API failed to set the error log path.
* With MySQL 5.7+ Query Analyzer was displaying seemingly random values for the column “first seen” and “last seen” when using server logs (slow query log, general query log) as data source. This happened  because of change of Timestamp format in the logs in MySQL 5.7.
* The filter “doesn’t contain” was not working properly in Real-time.
* Fixed an issue where UDOs were displaying incorrect values after running for some time.
* While editing the server using Monyog API, SSH settings were automatically set to disabled (even if it was enabled earlier).
* For RDS/Aurora servers, “Apply the above settings to all the servers with same tags” (Edit server -> Advanced settings) was not working.
* Monyog was giving the error “Log file not present” if either one of the slow query log or general query log was disabled for RDS servers.
* Fixed Javascript errors and optimized the charts for Real-time page for IE8 browser.


* The Y-axis in Charts had just “values” written, now it shows relevant units like percentage, seconds etc. and option is provided to customize the Y-axis value.