New Free Tool: SQL Query Store Optimizer

by Jul 15, 2016

IDERA released a new free tool, SQL Query Store Optimizer, designed to help you improve the performance of SQL Server 2016’s Query Store. Troubleshoot issues and execute tasks that follow best practices to keep the Query Store tuned to the database workload.

Introduced in SQL Server 2016, the Query Store helps to troubleshoot and improve query performance. It captures per database a history of queries, plans, and run-time statistics. SQL Server’s Management Suite (SSMS) provides access to the Query Store to analyze interactively its contents to gain insight into the performance of queries and plans. However, keeping Query Store running properly is challenging with SSMS. In contrast, managing the Query Store is quick and easy with the free tool SQL Query Store Optimizer, especially for a large number of SQL Server instances and databases.

With the free tool, display all properties of all Query Stores per SQL Server instance in a single summary table. This overview allows you to compare properties across Query Stores, to identify quickly the origin of performance problems, and to select quickly a Query Store to modify its properties and contents.



For a selected database, execute predefined Query Store actions including:

  • clear Query Store contents
  • restart Query Store
  • recover from memory corruption
  • recover from disk corruption
  • set Query Store to default settings
  • keep only most relevant data in Query Store
  • flush Query Store in-memory cache to disk
  • find and delete ad-hoc queries executed only once and older than 24 hours.

Further, for a selected database, display all of the twelve properties of its Query Store in a single overview panel, and edit all eight modifiable properties. Together with the summary table, this allows for quick manipulation of Query Stores. The small download and easy installation wizard will get you up and running quickly. No agents need to be on the server.

Download the new SQL Query Store Optimizer today and ensure that your Query Store runs properly. Refer also to IDERA’s Community Forum for SQL Query Store Optimizer.