Accessing Windows Credential Manager

by Oct 13, 2022

If you need to access credentials (saved passwords) stored by the Windows Credential Manager, the “CredentialManager” module may be helpful for you. Run this to download and install it:

Install-Module -Name CredentialManager -Scope CurrentUser 

Once the module is installed, you can list the new commands it provides:

PS> Get-Command -Module CredentialManager 

CommandType Name                    Version Source           
----------- ----                    ------- ------           
Cmdlet      Get-StoredCredential    2.0     CredentialManager
Cmdlet      Get-StrongPassword      2.0     CredentialManager
Cmdlet      New-StoredCredential    2.0     CredentialManager
Cmdlet      Remove-StoredCredential 2.0     CredentialManager  

Get-StoredCredential dumps the stored credentials. And New-StoredCredential can store a credential with the credential manager for you:

New-StoredCredential -Target MyCred -Credentials (Get-Credential) -Type Generic -Persist LocalMachine

Now, whenever your script needs access to the stored credential, use Get-StoredCredential like this:

$cred = Get-StoredCredential -Target MyCred
# show clear text information

The Windows Credential Manager safely stores credentials for the local user. Only the user who originally saved the credential can retrieve it.

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