Checking Battery Wear and Quality

by Feb 8, 2023

If you run a laptop you can easily ask WMI for battery status such as charging status. With a little bit more work, though, you can also check the wear of your battery and find out whether it’s time to replace the battery.

Essentially, the script below uses different WMI classes to determine your battery nominal capacity and its real capacity, then calculating its effective capacity in percent. Any percentage below 80% typically indicates a high degree of wear and need for battery replacement.

$designCap = Get-WmiObject -Class "BatteryStaticData" -Namespace "ROOT\WMI" | 
Group-Object -Property InstanceName -AsHashTable -AsString
Get-CimInstance -Class "BatteryFullChargedCapacity" -Namespace "ROOT\WMI" | 
Select-Object -Property InstanceName, FullChargedCapacity, DesignedCapacity, Percent |
ForEach-Object {
    $_.DesignedCapacity = $designCap[$_.InstanceName].DesignedCapacity
    $_.Percent = [Math]::Round( ( $_.FullChargedCapacity*100/$_.DesignedCapacity),2)

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