Recruiting Beta Candidates for SQL Compliance Manager 4.5 Beta

by Jun 12, 2014

Thank you for your interest in the SQL Compliance 4.5 beta.

Please note that this is pre-release code and may be subject to certain defects. Your assistance in reporting any issues you may encounter, or any feedback on the new features you are working with, is greatly appreciated and will help us to achieve the goal of a quality release that meets your expectations. Please use this forum to provide feedback.

In addition to bug fixes, the release will include the following:

New Features:
• Easier Setup
o Automatic permissions checking
o Better documentation for clusters and general configuration
• Automated archiving
• SNMP Alerting
• SQL Server 2014 Support

I want remind everyone that this beta release is still in test and therefore should not be installed over your production installation. There will be no upgrade path from the beta version to the final release. So please test on a separate environment from any running licensed installations of Compliance Manager.

If you are interested in participation in the beta test of Compliance Manager 4.5 please e-mail