Setting up Oracle for Embarcadero ER/Studio – Part 1

by Sep 3, 2015

In this blog post, I will be covering how easy it is for one to setup Oracle, in order to successfully work with Embarcadero's leading Enterprise Data Modeling Tool, ER/Studio.


  • Oracle Database 32 / 64 bit Server Edition
  • ER/Studio Data Architect 32 / bit 
  • DBMS Client versions for the necessary ER/Studio product installed (if on a separate machine)

You may download the above software from the following location 

You may choose the appropriate edition and architecture.

Make sure that you have an Oracle Technology Network account. If not, create one, it's Free!!

To download ER/Studio, use the following link 

Choose ER/Studio Data Architect –> You will be presented with the 64 bit option as a default, the choice is unto you.

ER/Studio Data Architect 

Once you have installed the above products, in the next section, we shall explore on how to setup the Oracle Database to ensure the connectivity works.

And will also ensure Data Architect can reverse engineer from an Oracle Database.

So stay tuned for the next in the series!