Announcing the General Availability of IDERA SQL SAFE Backup 9.2.1

by Oct 24, 2023

Introducing IDERA SQL SAFE Backup 9.2.1: The Latest Release of Our Leading SQL Server Backup Solution

IDERA SQL Safe Backup is a comprehensive solution for backing up and recovering SQL Server databases. With IDERA SQL Safe Backup, users can easily schedule and verify backups, as well as quickly restore data in the event of loss or corruption. IDERA SQL Safe Backup offers a range of features designed to help users better protect their data, including compression and encryption, backup validation, and point-in-time recovery.

IDERA SQL Safe Backup is a comprehensive solution for SQL Server database backup and recovery. IDERA SQL Safe Backup dramatically lowers the cost of data protection for companies by achieving industry-leading recovery-to-online times, typically in minutes instead of hours, reducing database backup time by up to 50%, and reducing backup disk space requirements by up to 95% over native backups. IDERA SQL Safe Backup enables complete and flexible “hands-free” automated backups for SQL Server deployments in environments ranging from small businesses to the largest scale enterprise across any combination of the data center, and cloud deployment, including cloud-native storage.

Discover the Latest Features in IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2.1

The IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2.1 release builds upon our commitment to provide users with enhanced capabilities and improved experiences in data protection and SQL Server backup and recovery scenarios. This release introduces a range of new features and enhancements designed to empower our users and address their evolving needs.


Key Highlights of IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2.1

Comprehensive SQL Server 2022 Support:

Idera SQL Safe Backup 9.2.1 now fully supports SQL Server 2022, ensuring compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft’s powerful database management system. With this new release, users can take advantage of SQL Server 2022’s cutting-edge features while benefiting from SQL Safe Backup’s industry-leading data protection capabilities.

Enhanced Control with Ignoring Offline Databases:

The SQL Safe Backup 9.2.1 release introduces a valuable feature that allows users to have improved control over backup operations. The new “Ignore Offline Databases” feature intelligently skips offline databases during backup processes, ensuring more streamlined and reliable backup workflows.

Mass Agent Upgrade Improvements:

The ‘Mass Agent Upgrade’ feature has been enhanced to provide improved functionality, including support for upgrading Extended Stored Procedures (XSPs) and the inclusion of nodes on clustered or Availability Group (AG) servers. These improvements simplify agent upgrades in complex environments while offering flexibility and convenience.

Streamlined Secondary Backup Functionality:

SQL Safe Backup 9.2.1 introduces improvements in secondary backup functionality within Availability Group (AG) scenarios. This feature improves the process of backing up databases in secondary replicas within Availability Group (AG) setups, ensuring more efficient data protection in clustered environments.

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