Announcing the General Availability of IDERA SQL Secure 4.4

by Mar 5, 2024

We are excited to announce the general availability of IDERA SQL Secure 4.4.

IDERA SQL Secure empowers users to identify vulnerabilities in SQL Server configurations and access, establish robust security policies and baselines, and receive alerts for potential risks. With a single-button selection, SQL Secure simplifies the configuration of security policies across SQL Server and Azure SQL databases to ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CIS, SOX, DISA/STIG, NERC, and FERPA. The flexible alerting rules system enables notifications for significant, suspicious, or undesired activities.


What’s New in SQL Secure 4.4?

The IDERA SQL Secure 4.4 release is focused on addressing the highest priority customer value cases along with exciting features and security enhancements while providing significant usability improvements with cost benefits for both small and large customer installations.


Product Enhancements:


Reporting Enhancements

With IDERA SQL Secure 4.4, users can now get improved snapshot comparison results by hiding differences caused by a database restore. New reporting options have also been added to allow user-level access changes between snapshots – this enables probing into permission anomalies related to unwarranted user accesses.

Security Enhancements

This release includes enhanced security while executing an Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) statement that contains a user-controlled value to prevent an attacker from accessing unauthorized records and abusing poorly configured LDAP environments.

Quality Enhancements

IDERA SQL Secure 4.4 incorporates the upgrade of .NET to the latest framework version, password encryption updates and copyright notification corrections.


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