Announcing the General Availability of SQL Compliance Manager 6.0

by Apr 21, 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of SQL Compliance Manager 6.0

SQL Compliance Manager is the industry leading SQL Server auditing solution that dramatically lowers the cost for companies to maintain database compliance standards and confidently prepares for compliance audits. With single button selections, SQL Compliance Manager configures SQL Servers to capture the data required for compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CIS, SOX, DISA/STIG, NERC and FERPA. That data is efficiently and securely stored in the Compliance Manager Repository and audit reports are provided to demonstrate the resulting compliance status. A flexible system of alerting rules allow alerts to be generated across a broad range of significant, suspicious or undesired activities.

What’s New in SQL Compliance Manager 6.0?

The SQL Compliance Manager 6.0 release is focused on modifying several major components within the SQL Compliance Manager application in order to lift architectural restrictions and allow SQL Compliance Manager to support data collection and auditing activities performed on Amazon RDS as monitored databases (DBaaS). This release is the first stepping-stone towards adding DBaaS for SQL Compliance Manager that added functionality and enhanced capabilities that will provide cost benefits for both small and large customer installations.

Product Enhancements

Amazon RDS Compatibility

Amazon RDS is a managed service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. Having SQL Compliance Manager support Amazon RDS to audit servers, databases, sensitive data, activities while alerting and reporting on them provides a significant cost-efficient enhancement for customers with cloud configurations.

SQL Compliance Manager Agent Operation from Remote VM’s

A new cloud DBaaS SQL Compliance Manager Agent was created, utilizing all the current SQL Compliance Agent behavior and functionality in order to fully support DBaaS SQL Server instances and other remote connectivity capabilities.

Server Level Auditing to Support Cloud

This change streamlines server audit specifications for server level events, and database audit specifications for database level events. SQL Compliance Manager users will now have more granular control over what is audited in each database.

The Default Event Capture Mechanism Has Been Changed to Audit Logs

This change provides a significant performance improvement for SQL Compliance Manager event collection as well as lowering the performance impact on monitored instances. This change supports the new cloud platform incorporation as well as the existing on-premise auditing capabilities.

Compliance Manager Console Performance Enhancements

Addressed several areas causing poor performance in the CM console with significant success. We expect these changes to improve the trial experience as well as benefiting established users.


Streamlined workflow and added resiliency to the Before-and-After Data and DML activity event capture mechanisms in order to add quality and enhance the overall user experience.

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