SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.4 General Availability

by Mar 1, 2019

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.4. Existing users may upgrade to this version through the Idera Customer Portal. New users may download the trial version from the Idera Website.

This release improves usability and performance in the Windows Client and the IDERA Dashboard browser interface.  In addition, Diagnostic Manager adds support for SQL Server 2019 CTP and exploits the popular Query Store feature added in SQL Server 2016.

What’s New in Diagnostic Manager 10.4?

  • Visual Query Plan in Windows Client.  A new visual query plan interface that makes in context analysis for performance concerns easier than ever for stressed out DBAs.
  • Improved Extended Event Query Plan Collection.  Collect configurable top query plans by duration, CPU usage, logical reads or physical writes allowing DBAs to prioritize collecting plans for problems queries first
  • Query Store Collections.  Use Query Store as an alternative collection method for Query Monitor and Query Waits to collect query data more reliably and efficiently and collect actual query plans.
  • Improved IDERA Web Dashboard.  Exploits modern Sencha-based grid components for cleaner look, more functionality, and improved performance.
    • New Alert Grid.  Define and save custom filters for alert analysis.
    • Instance List Overview.  Sortable instance list by Health Index, Alert Status by Category, or specific configurable instance resource metrics.
    • Improved Performance – Up to 84% improved load time on some pages.
  • Support SQL Server 2019 CTP.   Experimental support for customers trying SQL Server 2019 CTP both as a monitored instance and a repository.

For a  detailed overview of these features, refer to SQL Diagnostic Manager Preview blog.

Questions or comments?  Please let us know in the SQL Diagnostic Manager forum.