SQL Diagnostic Manager 9.0 Preview

by Jan 15, 2015


Some of you have already volunteered to participate in the SQL Diagnostic Manager 9.0 Beta and should have received links to the beta release version of the same.  We appreciate your effort and will be soliciting feedback shortly.

Since the release of the Diagnostic Manager is only a few weeks away, I thought I would take this opportunity to give the rest of you a preview of the coming new features.

What’s Coming in Diagnostic Manager 9.0?

Official release of the SQL DM web console – The web console capabilities that were introduced in DM 8.5 as a tech preview are now officially released in DM 9.0.  There will be three primary views for the web console; Today, Top X, and Alerts.

  • Today includes status of instances and groups with drill down into single instances. It shows active alerts, top issue occurrences, and can show data by thumbnail, list, and heat map views.
  • Top X provides a number of configurable widgets to show the top occurrences of various performance issues.
  • Alerts rollup all active alerts being generated with detailed viewing, filtering and grouping capabilities.



Enhanced query plan monitoring and diagnostics – SQL DM will now capture query execution plans and provide new query plan viewing and diagnostic capabilities.

The new Main query view provides high level query performance information across applications, databases and users with drill down capabilities into individual queries with two additional new views.

  • Query details view that shows SQL text, execution plan XML, and a graphical view of the execution plan.
  • Query signature view that rolls matching queries into a query signature.




Idera Dashboard and CWF

In addition to these Diagnostic Manager features, this release will be the first to integrate into the Idera Common Web Framework.  That means you should look for other Idera products to integrate into a common web console in future months.  In addition to providing a common interface that may be easier for some users to access than the existing interface consoles, this framework will facilitate easier integration between products and custom dashboards combining elements of multiple products as well.

Diagnostic Manager Feedback Survey

Finally, I would like to appeal to any Diagnostic Manager customers who have not already responded to fill out our customer feedback survey.  We care what you think and results of these survey help drive future product direction and focus.

Diagnostic Manager Customer Feedback Survey