SQL Server 2014

by May 24, 2014

We use both SQLSecure and SQLcm to monitor our most critical and sensitive SQL instnaces/databases. A number of these will be migrated to SQL Server 2014 in the coming months, the most critical Billing systems we are aiming to have migrated by November 2014.

Furthermore, our current Idera servers are due for replacement and ideally we’d move to SQL Server 2014 as part of that replacement.

I attended the “Idera Roadmap and Product Strategy Update” on May 15 and my understanding (and please correct me if I am wrong) is that SQLcm will support monitoring/running on SQL Server 2014 later this summer but that SQLsecure won’t have this ability until January-April 2015 – somewhat later than our planned server replacments.

Whislt we could repalce our Idera servers with SQL Server 2012 with a view to an in-place upgrade once 2014 is supported, we don’t really have that option with the Billing platform which needs to move to SQL Server 2014.

I am concerned that we’ll be left unable to audit our Billing system with the Idera tools – either forcing us to an alternate product despite SQLcm and SQLSecure been well undestood and liked by both DBAs and auditors, or that we’ll have a period of “blackout” when we can’t audit some of our sensitive systems.