Announcing General Availability of SQL Workload Analysis (SWA) 1.7.2

by Mar 15, 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of SQL Workload Analysis (SWA) 1.7.2

Problematic SQL queries can severely reduce the performance of SQL Server and the business-critical applications that it supports. With the SWA add-on to SQL Diagnostic Manager, users can continuously monitor and analyze server workload, leverage the simple user interface that focuses on wait states and application performance, and troubleshoot problematic SQL code from changes made to database applications. IDERA SWA provides a granular breakdown of SQL Server wait states with easy drill-down to isolate problems quickly. It delivers valuable real-time and historical data to help tune queries as well as actionable recommendations to improve performance.

What’s New in SWA 1.7.2?
SWA 1.7.2 provides several important security improvements that have been requested by our customers. We have upgraded our use of log4j and made a number of the other most commonly requested updates to speed conversion of trial to purchase and to reduce our support costs. There are a number of other smaller requests that are addressed for the customers noted in the table below.

SWA 1.7.2 is also compatible with the latest IDERA web access framework version allowing improved web access experience.

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Thank you to all of the teams who worked together to bring this release to completion (PM, Engineering, Support, SEs, QE).