Surprises in 2018 and Predictions for 2019

by Dec 6, 2018

Recently I was asked to contribute my thoughts on what things in database technology were a surprise in 2018 along with what trends and topics would be relevant in 2019.   You can read the full article here in Database Zone:

Database 2018 Surprises and 2019 Predictions

By Tom Smith | December 3, 2018

Here is a summary of my thoughts:

Surprises in 2018

  • Microsoft embraces HDFS and big data clusters incorporating SPARK and HDFS into SQL Server.
  • NoSQL database functionality is being incorporated into traditional RDBMS platforms.
  • The big cloud players, Microsoft, Oracle, continue to advance autonomous database functionality.

Predictions for 2019

  •  DBAs will need to familiarize themselves with things like data analytics, machine learning, AI, autonomous databases.   Their roles will begin changing as more things become automated.   If they don't they will cease to stay relevant in their jobs.
  • Spending on personnel and AI tools will continue to increase with the explosion of data.
  • We will continue to see increased adoption of cloud database platforms, especially in the specialized areas of document, graph and analytics platforms.

Whether these things come to pass, the trends are certainly there now.   It will be interesting to see how it plays out over the next year.