Take a human approach to data governance

by Apr 20, 2022

Most organizations recognize how important data governance is, although they often fail in their efforts to become driven by data. An investment in technology does not address this problem and may make it worse because data governance is a process rather than a software tool. Successful data governance requires organizations to address human factors, such as cultural change, which are the greatest obstacle to implementation.

Organization leaders underestimate the difficulty of cultural change. They must become much more serious about addressing the human side of data if they wish to derive the organizational benefits of data governance. Most businesses still view data as a byproduct of business process and have a low comprehension of its tangible benefits. They have a weak analytic capability or cannot focus on the analytics that produce value.

Read the whitepaper “Taking a human approach to data governance” to learn more about how organizations can exploit their data to get a competitive advantage. Organization can achieve that by diversifying their business models, which improves their operational efficiency and helps them identify new market opportunities.

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