The new release of SQLyog 13.2 provides one update and multiple bug fixes.

by Dec 28, 2022


Upgraded the PLINK executable bundled with SQLyog to PuTTY/PLINK v 0.77, to support private keys generated in the PPK version 3 file format

Bug Fixes:

  • With Azure DB, SQLyog returned an error “unknown thread id” on stopping the query execution.
  • With Azure DB, SQLyog crashed when killing the query from another connection.
  • When the ‘CA Certificate’ field is set to empty in a SSL connection, “New Connection Using Current Settings” and “Backup” failed and returned an error after restoring the session.
  • In some rare cases, SQLyog would crash while restoring the session.
  • With an HTTP connection, SQLyog crashed when you open the ‘Info’ tab on selecting the ‘Information_schema’ tables.
  • With an HTTP connection, SQLyog closed abruptly when the option “Copy All/Selected Rows to clipboard” was selected in the RESULT tab.
  • Indexes were incorrectly displayed for MySQL v5.1.x and below.
  • Importing an excel file failed when the database collation was set to utf8mb4.
  • Fixed an issue with SSH connection where SQLyog GUI could become unresponsive after switching from Read only to Edit mode in the RESULT tab.
  • In some rare cases, the generated column’s condition was truncated in the expression field of the CREATE/ALTER TABLE UI.
  • SQLyog failed to connect to a server through SSH with an Ed25519 encrypted private key.
  • Fixed an HTTP connection failure issue with PHP v8.1. The tunneler file for HTTP-tunnel has been updated with this release and must be replaced on the server.
  • SQLyog generated an incorrect ALTER TABLE statement in Schema synchronization with datatype TINYINT(1) for MySQL version 8.0.19 or above with any target MySQL version and vice versa.

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