These are a few of my Favorite Macros!

by Oct 12, 2018

Howdy! ER/Studio Users, Prospective Users and Data Modeling Enthusiasts..

In this short blog post , I would like to list out some of my Favorite ER/Studio Macros in the product.

  1. Auto Create Data Dictionary – 

    This macro will enable one to kickstart your Data Dictionary Efforts by creating a set of pre-defined samples

    Creates a user-defined data dictionary quickly. The macro can be used as a template to create user-defined or business-specific data dictionaries. This macro can be inserted into ER/Studio Data Architect's ERSBasicHandlers system (specifically in the '"CreateDiagramHandler(CurDiagram As Object)" section of ERSBasicHandlers) and if the Create Handlers option is checked on in ER/Studio Data Architect's Automation Interface Options, this Data Dictionary will be created and populated any time a user creates a new diagram.

    You may find this under the Modeling Productivity Macros

  2. Export Model Meta-Data to Excel – 

    Exports model meta data for the active model to Excel. 

    This is one of the most useful macros, that will enable the model's diagrammatic textual metadata to be exported, specifically , tables, columns, entities and attributes, relationships and much more.
    You may find this under Meta Data Management Macros

In subsequent posts, I will dive a little deeper into this topic.