Valentine’s Day (Product Bundles and Pairings)

by Feb 14, 2018

 Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate affection, friendship, and romance. Many people worldwide celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing their appreciation for their loved ones and friends. Some people spend time with a special sweetheart, while others make a more serious commitment. On this special day, I want to share with you how some IDERA products of match up with each other.

Better Together

IDERA offers several bundles that include a selection of its top products. These packages focus on SQL Server management, discovery and tuning, performance, maintenance, and security – and management and development for multiple database platforms.

The key benefits of the suites are to access necessary software to address critical database needs, decrease database maintenance costs, improve database performance, reduce database software spend, and simplify procurement and management of database software. For example, the price of a bundled software package may be up to 40% less than the combined price of the included software products.

SQL Management Suite provides SQL Server performance, compliance, security, backup, and index defragmentation. It includes SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro, SQL Compliance Manager, SQL Secure, SQL Safe Backup, and SQL Defrag Manager.

SQL Discovery and Tuning Suite focuses on SQL Server performance monitoring, inventory management, and index defragmentation. It includes SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro, SQL Inventory Manager, and SQL Defrag Manager.

SQL Performance Suite helps with SQL Server performance management for the database engine, business intelligence services, and agent jobs. It includes SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro, and SQL Enterprise Job Manager.

SQL Maintenance Suite is intended for SQL Server maintenance for agent jobs, backup, and index defragmentation. It includes SQL Enterprise Job Manager, SQL Safe Backup, and SQL Defrag Manager.

SQL Security Suite enables SQL Server security and compliance. It includes SQL Compliance Manager and SQL Secure.

SQL Toolbox is a complete SQL Server toolset focusing on health, administration, database synchronization, and backup. It includes SQL Doctor, SQL Admin Toolset, and SQL Safe Backup.

DB PowerStudio gives complete multiple-platform database management and development for performance, change management, SQL query optimization, and database object and SQL script manipulation. It includes DBArtisan, DB Change Manager, DB Optimizer, and Rapid SQL.


In addition to the pre-selected bundles of software, many of the products of IDERA pair well with other products of IDERA to complement each other. For example:

for database monitoring and performance:

Add to SQL Inventory Manager with SQL Diagnostic Manager or SQL Safe Backup to expand SQL Server inventory management with SQL Server performance monitoring or SQL Server backup.

Combine SQL Doctor with SQL Diagnostic Manager or SQL Secure to enhance SQL Server health tuning with SQL Server performance monitoring or SQL Server security monitoring.

Augment SQL Defrag Manager with SQL Doctor to level up SQL Server index defragmentation with SQL Server health tuning.

Boost DB Optimizer with DBArtisan or SQL Diagnostic Manager to maximize multiple-platform SQL query optimization or SQL Server performance monitoring.

Enrich Precise for Databases with DBArtisan to stretch multiple-platform database performance monitoring with multiple-platform database administration.

for database backup and administration:

Broaden SQL Enterprise Job Manager with SQL Inventory Manager to partner SQL Server agent job management with SQL Server inventory management.

Enhance SQL Admin Toolset with DBArtisan to strengthen 24 SQL Server administration tools with multiple-platform database administration.

Build up DBArtisan with SQL Diagnostic Manager or SQL Compliance Manager to join multiple-platform database administration with SQL Server performance monitoring or SQL Server compliance auditing.

for database security and compliance:

Fortify SQL Secure with DBArtisan to extend SQL Server security monitoring with multiple-platform database administration that includes managing user permissions and privileges.

for database development:

Couple Rapid SQL with DB Optimizer to richen multiple-platform database object and SQL script manipulation with multiple-platform SQL query optimization.

Enlarge DB Change Manager with SQL Secure to spread out multiple-platform database change management with SQL Server security monitoring.

for IT infrastructure performance:

Combine Uptime Infrastructure Monitor with Precise for Applications to power up IT infrastructure performance monitoring with application performance monitoring.

Which of these bundled suites and pairings is your favorite? Did we miss any bundlings or pairings? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

Happy Valentine’s Day!