What are the benefits of SQLyog’s Ultimate versus the Community edition?

by May 2, 2023

SQLyog is a powerful graphical user interface tool to manage MySQL and MariaDB servers and databases in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The SQLyog application runs on Microsoft Windows with no dependencies on runtimes (such as Microsoft .NET and Java) and database abstraction layers (such as Microsoft open database connectivity and Java database connectivity). We distribute the SQLyog tool as a free Community edition and as a paid, proprietary Ultimate edition.

Compared to the Community edition of SQLyog, the Ultimate edition offers valuable power tools and many additional features. Of course, the Ultimate edition also benefits from the usual advantages of commercial versus open-source software.

View the infographic “What are the Benefits of SQLyog’s Ultimate Edition vs SQLyog’s Community Edition?” to learn about why you should upgrade from the Community edition to the Ultimate edition.

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