What Policy Guidelines are Required for your SQL Environment?

by Oct 23, 2014

As adherence to regulations continues to be pressed upon organizations by industry and government regulators, the ability of the organizations to comply in a timely manner becomes more difficult. By addressing this demand Idera’s SQL Secure and SQL Compliance Manager are of great benefit. One of the many convenient features of both products is the ability to select a preset policy to detect security risks in SQL Secure and track activity, in relation to the guidelines, in SQL Compliance Manager. Both products contain templates that cover data policy requirements for industry specific guidelines such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Updates to the current templates and adding new templates relating to new regulations is always a key enhancement with the product updates and receiving feedback pertaining to new regulations is of great importance to us. For example, over the past few months guidelines pertaining to DISA STIG and FINRA have been brought to our attention by our customers. We would like to get your feedback into other industry compliance guidelines that your organization may be required to follow. In addition to the guidelines, we would like to know if there is additional platform coverage that would be helpful such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

As the burden on your organization to follow regulations continues to grow it is our goal to make it more convenient for you to lessen that burden.

We look forward to your replies and you can always start a discussion through the SQL Compliance Manager Forum or the SQL Secure Forum.