Access to the CodeRage 2019 Playlists

by Dec 5, 2019

CodeRage 2019 is a big departure from how we did things online in the past, and seems to be continuing to generate some confusion, so this post is an effort to clarify things. 

  • Each week there is a different topic
  • There are multiple short videos around that topic available on YouTube (unlisted for now)
  • When you register for the Round Table Q&A on Thursday of that week you get an email with the YouTube playlist in it
  • Join the Live session to ask your questions
  • The Live Q&A is added to the playlist later

There is no daily schedule of sessions since they are all on demand. The only scheduled session is the live round-table on Thursday each week. The reason the YouTube videos are unlisted is we've learned from experience that making too many videos public all at once is overwhelming, and then we have a long dry period with no new content. Now we are working to have a steady stream of new content on YouTube on a regular basis (one or two a day).

There are three live sessions left that you can register for this year . . . 


Topic (with link to register)



Tech Partner Round-Up – Component Design, Open Source, and OTA

Thu 5-Dec


RAD Server, DataSnap, Web, and Client Server Technologies

Thu 12-Dec


Fast C++Builder Development

Thu 19-Dec

If you go back and register for one of the past sessions you will get access to the playlist and the recording of the Q&A. Or here are direct links for the playlist containing both.

Topic (with link to playlist)

InterBase Power User Tips and Tricks

All About Linux and Advanced FMX

FireMonkey Multi Device Design

VCL Tips and Tricks on Windows 10

Tech Partner Round-Up – Component Design, Open Source, and OTA

So register for the last three sessions. After CodeRage is over there will be a blog post with links to all the sessions and content. I can't post it ahead of time because I don't have all of it yet. One of the goals for this was to make it less work for myself and presenters. Not sure how successful that was, but I guess we can review that and learn better for next year.