Tears of Ra – Cool Apps Selection

by Jan 8, 2020

Today’s CoolApps selection is Tears of Ra, by Konstantinos Onoufriadis. It is an Egyptian-themed slot machine app that is a lot of fun to play and explore. Tears of Ra was written and developed with Delphi and is available now on Android.

Tears of Ra - Made with Delphi and FireMonkey

I asked Konstantinos why he loves working with Delphi, and he told me that it allows him to change his life through programming. Tears of Ra is a great example of that, because through Delphi, he was able to create a gorgeous-looking app on a very small budget. The app has a ton of features and it’s all woven together into an engaging total package. The app is not just a testament to Delphi, but to Konstantinos' hard work as well.


Tears of Ra was just released in December, and it already has a 4.9 rating in the Google Play Store. I  recommend you give it a try, and see for yourself the amazing potential of Delphi development. Thank you, Konstantinos, for sharing your project with us, and I’m proud to honor Tears of Ra as an official Embarcadero Cool App selection.

Find Tears of Ra in the Google Play Store


Cool Apps Sections are apps developed with our RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, or InterBase. Did you make something cool? Submit a short description of your application with 3-4 screens, and/or a link to a YouTube Video with a demo. If the application is non-visual, feel free to describe more and if you want to include a code snippet or a diagram, anything that highlights the ingenuity of your solution. Please send your submissions to coolapps@embarcadero.com or you use this form to walk you through the process.