Delphi Blogs of the Month #59

by Apr 26, 2018

I have already blogged specifically about the 10.2.3 release, the patches we delivered for it, and linked to the collection of related articles in the community site at In particular, the launch webinar reply is available at Not much else to add, if not that it has been very well received by the users.

Technical Blog Posts

Very interesting, focused suggestions in Positioning a Task Dialogue by David at

Media file meta-data on Android in Delphi by Craig at

5-Minute-Snack: Understanding TWebRequest’s ContentFields and QueryFields with regard to MethodType by Holger at

Using CData’s Gmail connector in C++ Builder by Greg at (as it also applies to Delphi, almost identically)

Ready for Debate? Which Windows Framework and What About StackOverflow?

Two topics that could spawn a significant debate, I'm sure.

The first is I found it very interesting to read this article by respected technical author Tim Anderson on "Which .NET framework for Windows: UWP, WPF or Windows Forms?" at I strongly believe VCL provides a better option than any of the current Microsoft framework, plus it clearly wins for a long-lived applications and has the highest degree of long time support and compatibility. A couple of comments hinted at VCL, nice. Anyway, Tim recently reiterated the question on Twitter,

The second good topic for a discussion is reading Nick's take on the status of StackOverflow, at But read also this twitter thread by an internal :