Delphi Boot Camp September 2016 Recap, Replays and Blog Posts

by Sep 10, 2016

Delphi Boot Camp September 2016 Recap, Replays and Blog Posts


We've completed the Delphi Boot Camp 2016. Thank you to the thousands of developers who attended each day. The Delphi Boot Camp introduces the Delphi IDE, Programming Language, FireMonkey framework, Game Application Development and Moving your Applications to Mobile. The replay videos are now available on YouTube. Below you will find links to the Delphi Boot Camp YouTube playlist and links to the blog posts for each day. The blog posts include the video replay, links to source code and additional information.

Delphi Bootcamp 2016 YouTube replay playlist –


Delphi Boot Camp Day 1 – Introduction to Delphi: The IDE and Your First App

David Intersimone – Embarcadero Technologies

Monday, September 5, 2016

This session covers: Using the Delphi Starter Edition, Installation using the Feature Installer, Introduction to the IDE, Creating your first FireMonkey application, The difference between VCL and FireMonkey, Working with the object inspector, Building and Debugging your FMX applications, Scope of Delphi Starter Edition (feature matrix compared to Pro, Enterprise editions), Using RTL features like IOUtils and the Parallel Programming Library, IDE Options choices, GetIt Package Manager and more.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 2 – Getting to Know the Delphi Language

Marco Cantu – Embarcadero Technologies

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This session covers: The basics of Pascal and Delphi, Modern Features of the Delphi language, What makes Delphi the best programming language to use, The elegance of Delphi, Using the Parallel Programming Library, Anonymous Methods and more.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 3 – Building Effective User Interfaces with FireMonkey

Jim McKeeth – Embarcadero Technologies and Daniele Teti – bit Time Professionals

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This session covers: User Interface Considerations, Layouts & Paradigms, Using Animations, Using Effects, Using Transitions, working with Screen resolutions, Customizing Styles and Appearance, Planning for Mobile and other platforms and Mastering FireMonkey controls, shapes, and effects.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 4 – Game Development with Delphi and FireMonkey

Eli M. –

Thursday, September 8, 2016

This session covers: Overview of four games developed using FireMonkey that run on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Eli also covers the Game loop, Using TRectangle, Frames based UI, working with the Motion Sensor, saving high scores to both a SQLite database and an INI file, Object Pooling, Sprite Sheet Animation, App Tethering and developing using Cross Platform Sound.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 5 – Stepping up to Mobile and Database Development

Jim McKeeth – Embarcadero Technologies

Friday, September 9, 2016

This session covers: Introduction to the mobile platforms, Prototyping mobile apps on Windows, Using platform services, The mobile compilers, Understanding ARC memory management, Using the Deployment manager, Making the move to mobile, Introduction to FireDAC data access components, using the REST client library, and working with Embedded Databases.