Delphi Xlib headers

by Mar 10, 2018

Back in November for CodeRage-12, I demonstrated a partial translation of the Xlib headers for X11. At that time I explained that I’d not completed the headers, but would notify on my blog when I had.

Well, I’ve just done a major update to those headers for the sake of my game engine development project DarkGlass.
I would still not quite call these headers complete, because there are about 12 functions that I did not translate, and several of the macros remain un-translated. I would also point out that I’ve only really done the translation, I’ve not tested the header in any degree.

All that said, I now believe they are quite usable and so I’d like to share the update with you.
You can get the headers by checking out a copy of the DarkGlass source code on GitHub and this is the best way to get them, as you’ll also get the dynlib package on which they depend, and any updates done to them as I start working with them.

You’ll find the files under srcPackagesPlatformImplementationLinux named:


I hope you find them useful!