Delphi25 Stories – Part 2 – Brian Lon, Danny Wind, Erik van Bilsen, & Frank Lauter

by Mar 11, 2020

We’re back with another installment of Delphi25 stories. Thank you all so much for engaging with our first post, and for watching our Delphi25th Stories series on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the interview with Delphi’s creators and the playlist with Delphi stories from some of our fabulous MVPs and community members. 

Happy 25th Birthday Delphi, from the community that you’ve made possible. Be sure to visit the new Delphi celebration site.

“I hope I can use Delphi for many more years”

-Frank Lauter

“Delphi…was another true revelation”

-Erik van Bilsen

“You can literally find Delphi software everywhere”

-Danny Wind

I worked at Borland when Delphi was being developed. We were all a bit concerned about the shift away from Turbo Pascal for Windows, which we had grown to love and be productive with, but there was clearly no need. Innovation and creativity fuelled the development of a revolutionary new tool with terrific capabilities. Before the product’s launch I had the repeated joy of demonstrating it to prospective customers who all universally either loved it, could not believe it, or were swept away by it.

It was a great time to be at Borland, though I left mere seconds after the product launch due to some internal restructuring. Great timing to start up on my own delivering training courses and consultancy to the many customers who were buying into Delphi.

At the time it was very common for the ‘shiny new things’ to have a limited shelf life, and I kept planning for when Delphi’s time would be up and I’d have to move on to working with other less enjoyable tools. Happily that day has still not arrived, and a quarter of a century later I’m still working with my favourite development tool, still working with people who work with my favourite development tool and still doing my best to help people who use my favourite development tool use it to the best of their abilities.

Long live Delphi!

-Brian Long

“A quarter of a century later I’m still working with my favourite development tool”

-Brian Long

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