Learn to Program with Starter (Homepage)

by Oct 14, 2016

In coming weeks David Millington (C++Builder Product Manager) and I are going to publish weekly blog postings where you can learn programming step by step with Delphi and C++Builder. As much as possible we will try to synchronise topics and content so you could even switch from one track to another. It will also be very interesting to see the same application developed in two languages, written the “Delphi way” and the “C++ way”.

For starters (;-)) we are going to develop calculator application as a vehicle to learn to program in C+Builder and Delphi. Here are the links to all five posts in the series.

Learn to Program with Starter

  1. Introduction and Installation  C++BuilderDelphi
  2. Building and Debugging  C++BuilderDelphi
  3. Architecture and Layers of Code C++BuilderDelphi
  4. C++: Smart pointers, Boost optional, and FMX stylesDesigning user interfaces
  5. C++: Operators and Final aplicationPutting the Calculator Together