New in RAD Studio 10.3.3: iOS 13 and macOS Catalina support

by Nov 27, 2019

macOS Catalina (Delphi) support 

Back in July when we introduced 10.3.2, we added macOS 64-bit support to Delphi. We’ve expanded that support in 10.3.3 to include macOS Catalina. macOS Catalina is the first version of macOS that requires all apps to be 64-bit enabled. With our Delphi macOS 64-bit support, you can also target the macOS App Store, complete with notarization support. For macOS notarization steps, visit

You can access a notarized version of PAServer here

iOS 13 Dark Theme support 

iOS 13, released a couple of months ago, introduced a system-wide dark theme. Many software applications today provide the option for switching between a light and dark theme. This is also true for Delphi and C++Builder where we added dark theme support to the IDE in 10.3. Dark themes provide a better experience for users who like to work at night or in low light environments. 

In RAD Studio 10.3.3, we provide dark theme support for our Delphi and C++Builder customers. This includes support for detecting the user’s iOS setting and switching between the dark and light theme without requiring an application restart. Developers can also limit their application UI to just the light theme if they wish, by adding a new key in Application > Version Info. 

For more details on our iOS dark theme support, visit

iOS Patches for 10.3.3:

We've issued a small patch for our iOS dark theme support which you can access here. We've also issued an iOS linking patch for C++ which you can access here.

Want to learn more about RAD Studio 10.3.3? Visit our 10.3.3 landing page