Accept User Input with Validator

by Apr 26, 2016

Of course you can use Read-Host to ask a user for some input, or use mandatory parameters. They all are kind of ugly, and have next to no validation. Here is a function that makes things easier:

function Get-UserInput


    $Validator = $null,

    $ErrorMessage = 'Incorrect. Try again!'

    Write-Host "$Prompt " -NoNewline
    Write-Host "[>>>] " -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline
    $userinput = Read-Host

    if ($Validator -ne $null)
      $_ = $userinput
      $ok = & $Validator 
      $ok = $true

    if (!$ok)
      Write-Host $ErrorMessage -ForegroundColor Red
  } until ($ok)


Get-UserInput just needs a prompt text, an error text, and a validator. The validator can be any piece of PowerShell code. It checks the user input. Here is a simple example, asking for a birthday:

Get-UserInput -Prompt 'Enter your birthday' -Validator { $_ -as [DateTime] } -ErrorMessage 'Should be a date. Try again!'

And this is the result:

Enter your birthday [>>>] won't tell you!
Should be a date. Try  again! 
Enter your birthday [>>>] 1/1/2001

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