Calculate Calendar Week (Part 2)

by Feb 11, 2022

In the previous tip we explained how to calculate the calendar week for a given date. As you have seen, this depends on culture and calendar settings and can be different across cultures.

This is why there is also the “ISOWeek”: it adheres to ISO 8601 and is standardized. Unfortunately, the classic APIs in .NET do not always calculate the correct ISOWeek.

That’s why Microsoft added a whole new class called “ISOWeek” to .NET Standard (the portable .NET that PowerShell 7 uses) and .NET Framework 5.

The following line returns the ISOWeek for any date (when run in PowerShell 7):

PS> [System.Globalization.ISOWeek]::GetWeekOfYear('2022-01-01') 

The same line returns a red exception when run in Windows PowerShell since Windows PowerShell is based on the full .NET Framework which in current versions does not yet support this API.

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