Enabling Classic Remoting

by Mar 31, 2014

Many cmdlets have built-in remoting capabilities, for example Get-Service and Get-Process both have the parameter -ComputerName, and so does Get-WmiObject.

However, to actually use these cmdlets remotely, the remoting technique employed by the cmdlets must be present. Most cmdlets that use classic remoting require the "Remote Administration" firewall rule to be enabled on the target side. It allows DCOM traffic. Some also require the remote Registry service to run on the target side.

So in most scenarios, when you have Administrator privileges on the target machine and run these commands, the machine will then be accessible for Administrators via classic cmdlet remoting:

Note that the netsh firewall command is considered obsolete on newer Windows versions but still works. This command is much easier to use than the newer netsh advfirewall command.

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