Getting WMI IntelliSense

by Nov 26, 2013

Get-WmiObject provides no IntelliSense for WMI classes, so you either need to know the WMI class name off hand, or use the parameter -List to search for it.

But there's a clever trick: Get-CimInstance does almost the same thing, and its parameter -ClassName also accepts a WMI class name. And this parameter does provide IntelliSense support.

Try this in PowerShell 3.0 ISE:

Now press CTRL+SPACE to invoke IntelliSense. Have a look at the status bar, though. There are hundreds of WMI class names, and on first try, IntelliSense may run in a timeout issue before it could gather all classes. Over time, or when you limit the class name a bit, it will work though.

So simply use Get-CimInstance instead of Get-WmiObject, then select the class name with full IntelliSense support, now rename cmdlet and parameter back to Get-WmiObject -Class.

Or, stick with Get-CimInstance in the first place. It returns basically the same wealth of information. By default, however, it uses WSMan protocol for remoting rather than DCOM.

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