Invoking Different Code Based on Parameter Value

by Nov 13, 2015

Here is a simple concept using an action parameter with a number of choices. Each choice refers to a script block that would be executed then.

#requires -Version 2
function Invoke-SomeAction
  $codeAction = @{}
  $codeAction.Deploy = { 'Doing the Deployment' }
  $codeAction.Delete = { 'Doing the Deletion' }
  $codeAction.Refresh = { 'Doing the Refresh' }

  & $codeAction.$Action


When you type Invoke-SomeAction after you ran the code, ISE would provide IntelliSense for the supported "Deployment", "Deletion", and "Refresh" actions. The simple PowerShell console would at least provide tab-completion for the action argument.

Depending on your choice, the appropriate script block would execute. As you see, the action script blocks can hold any code, even multi-page.

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