Mapping Network Drives (Part 1)

by Aug 27, 2015

PowerShell supports console commands, so if you need to map a network drive, often the most reliable way is to use good old net.exe like this:

#requires -Version 1
net.exe use M: '\\dc-01\somefolder' /PERSISTENT:YES 

Test-Path -Path M:\

explorer.exe M:\

If you omit "/PERSISTENT:YES", the mapped drive will be temporary and not reconnected once you log off and on again.

Note that you get an error if drive M: is in use already. Replace M: with a star to automatically use the next available drive letter.

To submit logon credentials, use this approach instead:

net.exe use * '\\dc-01\somefolder' /PERSISTENT:YES /USER:training\user03 *

This would authenticate you as training\user03, use the next available drive letter, and interactively ask for the password. Note that this would work in a regular PowerShell console only. It cannot be used in the PowerShell ISE because the PowerShell ISE has no real console and thus cannot interactively ask for a password.

To submit a password, replace the star after the username with the password. This of course is not recommended as this would expose the password to anyone who can look at your code.

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