PowerShell ISE v3 Keyboard Shortcuts

by Aug 2, 2012

Note: Beginning now, we will include useful tips on PowerShell v3. PowerShell v3 is the next generation of PowerShell that is in public beta right now (August 2012) and is expected to be released when Windows 8/Server 2012 ships. It will then be available as free update to Windows 7, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2.

If a tip applies to PowerShell v3 only, we will clearly mark it – just like today’s tip:

PowerShell v3 comes with a new PowerShell ISE script editor. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL+N: creates a new script

CTRL+O: opens an existing script

CTRL+T: adds a new PowerShell tab

CTRL+SHIFT+R: opens a remote PowerShell tab

F1: gets help for the cmdlet that the cursor is on.

CTRL+F1: opens input assistant to provide arguments for the cmdlet the cursor is on

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